You Only Have 1 Prostate - We Only Carry 1 Herb

Generations of Tradition Meet 30 Years of Modern Science

Crinum latifolium L has over 100 years of history for safe use supporting both men’s prostate health and women’s hormonal balance. From traditional herbalists, to royal kings and queens, the rare herb was coveted for longevity, virility and immune support.

Today, we draw solid conclusions from the research of internationally award-winning Vietnamese pharmacologist Dr. Nguyen Thi Ngoc Tram & her collaboration with European and American scientists.*

Be a Wise Supplement Shopper

Trust Brands with Reliable Safety Studies

Some competitors refer to Dr Tram’s studies but use a different Crinum variety which, according to our testing, contain none of the key alkaloids in Crila®. Some of these products do contain alkaloids, commonly present in other Crinum varieties, that are actually detrimental to male sexual health. Only Crila Health products contain Dr Tram’s clinically studied proprietary Crinum cultivar, in a concentrated extract, standardized to ensure consistent potency and results, and formulated to meet California Prop 65 standards of safety. Grown only on the doctor’s plantations, this “farm to table” integration assures no adulteration from detrimental “look-alike” plant varieties. Safety studies commissioned by Crila Health include the Estrogen Free research conducted at the University of Illinois, College of Pharmacy. Individual batch testing is conducted in compliance with FDA regulations; further testing by independent American laboratories assures consumer safety.

There's only 1 Crila®. You have only 1 prostate. GET CRILA FOR PROSTATE NOW!