You Only Have 1 Prostate - We Only Carry 1 Herb

Our Mission

At Crila Health, our mission is, “To improve the quality of life of men and women by providing innovative products derived from time-honored traditions, and clinically prove those traditions as safe and effective.”

Crila Health is a vertically integrated supplement manufacturer, focused on:

Providing clinically proven Crinum latifolium L var. crilae Tram & Khanh products and educating the public about this incredible plant. Empowering women to better understand uterine health and menopause health and how Crila® can help.* Empowering men to take prostate health seriously and become proactive about their health by taking Crila®.*

Amazing People Behind Crila®

The Company was founded in 2007 by a group of investors and supporters; men and women, who had taken Dr. Tram’s products, experienced the impressive effects, and wanted to ensure the products could be shared with U.S. and international customers. We supported Dr. Tram in her plantation expansion and construction of her leading-edge, FDA-registered manufacturing facility, and we laid the framework for bringing Crila® products to American consumers.

In 2010 we achieved that goal, launching Crila®’s U.S. website. Crila Health continues to grow exponentially as pleased customers recommend our products to their friends and family! Today, our management team and advisory board include leading researchers, doctors, and international investment leaders.